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,Reza Asgharian currently teaches and researches in the areas of Management, Human Resource Development and Organizational Behaviour within the some Business Schools in Tehran. Reza is also the member and the lecturer of MIM, the Malaysia Institute of Management. His degrees are in Human Resource and he has got his PhD from University Technology Malaysia (UTM). Reza’s research interests include Talent Management, Creativity and Employee Motivation issues in the workplace, He has published near twenty one articles in managerial journals

He is now working as the HR manager at one of the reputable construction companies in Iran




Mobile :    Iran             +98 012 850 3061

               Malaysia   +60 17 32 102 33               

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No. 1011, Level 10, Vanak Sky Tower, Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran 



PhD in Management - Human Resource Development

University Technology Malaysia - UTM



Master in EMBA

Industrial Management Institute, Iran



Bachelor in Industrial Management

Industrial Management Institute, Iran



Advanced Diploma in Industrial Management

Industrial Management Institute, Iran 




Work Experience


  1. :April 2002 - Jan 2005, worked as human resource manager in Kian Borj Iranian Consultant Engineering Company. Duties
  2.      Preparing work-life balance plan to enhance the employees welfare system         



  1. April 2005 - May 2007, worked as production manager in Parand Food Company. Duties
  1. Designing an effective plan for increasing production volume         
  2. Providing consultancy for human resource department         

Collecting expertise team in order to decrease the production defects in the manufacturing department         



  1. June 2007 - July 2009, worked as sales manager in Techno System Company. Techno system is one of the biggest administrative supplies and office furniture stores in Iran. Duties
  1. Making domestic contracts         
  2. Attending to the domestic and international meetings and seminars on behalf of the company         
  3. Negotiating and coordinating with raw material suppliers         

Designing a plan for improvement of employees relations         



  1. Feb 2008 - Sep 2009, worked as lecturer in Industrial Management Institute. Duties
    1. Teaching Production Management, Operation Research and Quality Control courses        

Coordinating of management seminars authorized by the institute         


June 2013 - May 2014, worked as HR Manager of Tehran Municipality-District 3



  1. May 2014 - October 2014, worked as lecturer in Moshaveran Institute. Duties

Teaching Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour        


  1. May 2014 - Now, working as HR manager in Paidar Iranian, one of the reputable Construction Companies in Iran. Duties
    1. Workforce Planning        
    2. Resource hunting and recruitment        
    3. Monitoring employee satisfaction level        
    4. Planning and monitoring performance appraisal        

Gathering and collating feedback        



Professional Qualifications - Certifications and Accreditations


Certificate of completion of short-term applied courses on management and accounting. February 21, 2009, University of Tehran, faculty of management

Certificate of world management forum held in Tehran, Iran. February 19 & 20 2009. UK Association of profit advisers by Michael Oglivie -Tell: 01323-724400

Certificate of international Conference on Sales, CRM &Negotiation Techniques. 20 & 21st February 2008. Archer Training LTD - UK

Certificate of Networking Skills, Questioning for Influence and Selling in Color. 21/02/2008. Eagles of Selling TM , Sean Weafer, www.Firstcoach.com

Certificate of Change Management, Communication Skills & Inspirational Leadership. 9th& 10th July 2008. Persuasion (business &self-development), Bill Docherty, www.Persuasion.uk.com

Certificate of the Key to Inspirational Business Leadership. 10th July 2008. Roger Harrop Associates, Oxford, England

Certificate of SPSS Workshop. 9th and 16th MAY 2011. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, KL campus

Certificate of AMOS Workshop. 10th and 18th MAY 2011. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, KL campus





Pegah khatibi, Reza asgharian ,zeinab seyed saleki,and mahmoud manafi “The effect of hr practices on perceived employee performance: a study of iranian hospitals” (2012), Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business, Vol 4, No 4


Maryam nick kheslat, Reza asgharian, Reza asgharian, Roozbeh Hojabri “The relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment: The mediating role of Job Satisfaction” (2012), International Journal of Research in Management & Technology (IJRMT), Vol. 2, No. 5


Mahmood Zohoori, Danial Nabuzadeh, Reza Asgharian, Negin sadat Bekheir nia“User Satisfaction in Green Technology/Processes" (2012), Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business, Vol 4, No 7 


Reza Asgharian, Mojtaba Salehi, Zeinab Seyed Saleki, Roozbeh Hojabri, Maryam Nikkheslat "Green product quality, green customer satisfaction, and green customer loyalty" (2012), International Journal of Research in Management & Technology, Vol. 2, No. 5


Mohammad Yaser Mazhari, Inda Sukati, Yousef Sharifpour, Reza Asgharian “Investigating and comparing the effect of speech and writing tools on consumers’ behavior in the Malaysia” (2013), European Journal of Scientific Research, Vol 99, No 1 


Anas Bashir.S.Elgharyani, Reza Asgharian, Mohammad Amin Borjali, Masoumeh Khanmohammadi "The relationship between trust in Supervisor and organizational commitment” (2013), Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business, Vol 4, No 12


Reza Asgharian, Mahmoud manafi , Inda Sukati “Factors Influencing Knowledge sharing toward Innovation: A study of Electronic Industry of Iran” (2013), Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business, In process to publish


Reza Asgharian, Rosman bin Yusoff, Mohammad yaser Mazhari “Examining the effect of workplace friendships and job embeddedness on turnover intention - A qualitative Study” (2013), Journal of Social Sciences (JSS), In process to publish


Reza Asgharian, Rosman bin Yusoff, Mahmoud manafi “Understanding Friendships In People With Examining The Moderating Effects On Turnover Intention: A Mixed-Methods Approach” (2013), European Journal of Scientific Research (EJSR), In process to publish


Iqbal Quadir, “The Mass Power of India’s Other IT Sector” Published by Harvard Business Review, December 2012, Translated by: Reza Asgharian; Appeared on: Gozideh Modiriat, no. 139. http://www.fara.ir/index.php?target=publications&function=viewArticle(2020


         Reza Asgharian, “What color is your customer?” Published by Ebtekar Daily Magazine and Aftab (Iranian web news Portal), 2007






Member of Global Speakers Federation - GSF


Member of PGSS (Post Graduate Student Society) of University Technology Malaysia


Work as Director of International affairs in Management Student Society of University Technology Malaysia


Member of MIM (Malaysian Institute of Management





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